Wuliaojian Ridge Hike

Sanxia District, New Taipei City

Introduction: Wuliaojian is one of the most well-known and popular hikes in the Taipei area. The hike is famous for its dramatic knife-edge exposed ridge and long rope descent. This is a loop hike along the top of the ridge.

Access: take  a bus from Yongning MRT Station to the Sanxia bus terminal, then bus 807 bound for ManYueYuan and get off at the  合作橋 stop. Or it is easier to just take a taxi from Dingpu MRT Station to the trailhead.

Trail Conditions: entirely on narrow dirt trails; narrow exposed ridge along the top with a safety rope; lots of steep sections with short, vertical ropes; long, near vertical rope descent off the peak.

The hike is very strenuous and you’ll need plenty of fluids. Best not to do this hike in the middle of summer.

This hike is popular and lots of people try it who are not physical fit or have enough experience. Unfit people getting stuck on the ropes can cause problems as it is often hard to get around people. Also, expect a long wait to use the ropes for the descent off the peak.

Length: 7km, 5hrs; 900m total ascent and descent

Difficulty Level: 5/5

The Hike

The hike starts from right next to the bus stop and is clearly marked.

start of the trail

At first stone steps lead upwards but these quickly give way to a dirt trail. You’ll be at the first rope section within a few minutes of hiking.

climbing up the first ropes

The trail continues the steep climb often with ropes.

more ropes

There are numbered markers along the trail and maps marking the route.

resting at marker 4

From marker 4 the climb continues with more ropes.

continuing the climb

Although it is not steady ascent and sometimes the trail will descend.

short descent with ropes

Finally the makes its final ascent up the pointy peak.

climbing the pointy ridge

on the top of the ridge

From the peak you need to make a long, near vertical rope descent.

long rope descent off the peak

Turn right at the bottom and follow the trail clinging to the cliff face.

trail going away from the rope descent

The trail makes another mostly vertical descent with another series of ropes.

descending on another steep series of ropes

Continue straight on through a trail junction at the bottom.

resting at a trail junction

Then the trail climbs again with more ropes and ladders.

climbing again


more climbing

Eventually the trail comes to a rest area and trail junction at marker 7. At marker 7 turn right here and follow the trail down if you want to quit, or turn left for more hiking over Wuliao Peak.

marker 7, turn left here for Wulaio peak

From marker 7 more leads lead up towards Wuliao peak passing marker 9 on the way up.

trail up Wuliao peak

From marker 9 more steep climbing leads up to the rocky peak with marker 8 on it.

lots of people resting at marker 9

Wuliao peak

Use the ladders to descend from this peak. After this the trail becomes a normal hike and there are no more ropes or peaks to go over.

take the ladders down off the peak

The trail continues along the ridge heading back towards the starting point.

trail going away from Wuliao peak

trail passing marker 11

Along the way the trail passes a rest area at a clearing.

clearing and rest area

From the rest area keep going straight, the trail passes under a scaffolding and some sort of pulley then comes to a bamboo farm.

going through a bamboo farm

At the bamboo farm the trail doubles back and goes along the hillside crossing a couple of small streams and landslides.

crossing a small stream

The trail ends a road. Turn left on the road, then left again at a junction ahead and walk down the road. Just after passing a cluster of houses take a trail branching off on the right. This trail leads back to the bus stop.

turn off the road here after the houses

This short trail descends along a small stream and passes and abandoned building on the way down.

passing an abandoned building

following the stream back to the start

Back at the starting point the 807 bus to Sanxia only runs once every 3 hours, so you may be better off trying to hitch a ride with some other hikers.

Map of the Hike