This blog is designed to provide information for people living in Taiwan, especially those living in Taipei or northern Taiwan who are interested in going hiking/cycling but are unsure of where to go.

All cycling and hiking trips listed here can be easily done as a day-trip from Taipei using public transportation. The hikes are low level usually requiring you to bring nothing more than a bottle of water.

So, if you would rather get of Taipei on a Sunday than spend your time battling the crowds to get a seat in a coffee shop, food court, or movie theater, then this blog should prove useful to you.

On most of these hikes/rides you’ll encounter few people, even on Sundays, and even fewer foreigners. So I hope to see you out there on the trails sometime. Taiwan is a beautiful island and a lot of it easily accessible.

This blog is a work in progress as I continue to add information on more places and to explore more places myself. Also, new cycling trails are currently being constructed all over the island, meaning there will be even more to do in the future.

11 thoughts on “Introduction

  1. Hi, Good website. Sounds like a lot of fun places to explore. I want to try the Sandiaoling trail hike, but the wooden ladder looks a little dangerous. Is it safe to do with my teenage girls? Thanks for all the time you have taken to share the info! Carol

    • Hi Carol. Thanks your comments. The wooden ladder on the Sandiaoling trail is not as bad as it looks. If your girls have some experience with hiking then it should be OK for them.

  2. Hello, Your website is my primary source when it comes to hiking in Taiwan. So many great itineraries and tour descriptions. So thank you very much for your great work! As I was going through your list for another activity, I was wondering if the Jiajiuliao trail was open again in the meantime. If you have any update on this, I would surely appreciate a brief reply. Thank you again for your fantastic blog and great info! Chris.

  3. Hey,

    I’m just commenting to say that this website has been a great resource for me during my time in Taiwan, and it is my go-to recommendation for people I’ve met looking to get more into hiking here. It’s really helped me learn the place better than I otherwise could have.


  4. Hi,
    Just say thank you for your blog, your itineraries and tour descriptions. Every time I visit Taiwan I try to do some of your itineraries. Good work, I really appreciate it.

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