Dan-Lan Trail 2

Dan-Lan Historic Trail Pingxi Section

Shuangxi District, New Taipei City/Yilan County


This hike takes in a section of the Dan-Lan Trail following the DanLan Stream as it nears its source, then goes to the peak of Mt. Taihe, and finally descends on the Mt. Taihe Trail to Waiao Beach on the east coast.

Access: take bus F815 leaving from Shaungxi Train Station at 9:40. The bus stop is located right outside the station. The bus is free and the ride takes about 45 minutes. Get off at the Wei Kai stop (the second last stop).

Bus F815 route information: http://e-bus.tpc.gov.tw/SingleRoute/Tw/Map?rid=8004&sec=0

Length: 12km, 4.5 hours

Trail Conditions: mainly on wide dirt trails, two bridgeless stream crossings (you’ll need to get your feet wet)

Difficulty Level: 1/5

The Hike

There is nothing at the bus stop except a farmhouse and a fork in the road. Take the left fork and keep walking along this small road all the way until the end.


take the left fork at the bus stop



Walking on the road

Keep going straight at the next farmhouse and a T-intersection.


Go straight at the house

The road crosses the stream then goes alongside it towards the end.


Road going alongside the stream

At the end of the road there is another farmhouse and a parking lot.


Last house at the end of the road

Walk down the grass beside the stream and then cross the bridge for the start of the trail. There is a trail map here.


Walk down the grass…



…and cross the bridge

At first the wide dirt trail climbs away from the stream then descends to stream level again.


Going into the forest

When the trail reaches the stream again it makes the first bridgeless crossing. You’ll have to get your feet wet here.


At the first stream crossing

After the crossing go straight at a trail junction, signposted for Observation Deck (the observation deck is not actually a “deck” but two benches at a clearing).


Go straight on the wide trail through the forest

The wide trail cuts straight through the forest of Japanese cedars crossing a couple of small wooden bridges along the way. Keep going straight at another trail junction.


Keep going straight



Small wooden bridge



Cutting straight through the forest of Japanese cedars

The trail then comes to the second stream crossing, you’ll need to get your feet wet here again.


Second stream crossing

After the crossing the trail climbs away from the stream towards the top of the ridge.


Climbing away from the stream

Near the top there is a rest area (the observation deck) with a view of Turtle Island.


Rest area and Turtle Island viewpoint

Keep going straight at a trail junction at the rest area, signposted for Shikongzhi Historic Trail.


Go straight after the rest area

After the rest area the trail narrows as it goes along the ridge the forms the boundary between New Taipei City and Yilan.


Narrow section of trail

This narrow trail then merges with a wide trail that leads up to the peak of Mt. Taihe. Keep going straight at the merger.


Go straight merging onto the wide trail

Just past the merger the trail passes a shrine.


Passing a shrine

Keep going straight at a trail junction after the shrine.


Go straight at a trail junction at the shrine

After the junction the trail begins its steep climb to the peak. The slopes of the mountain are covered only by shrubs as it is very windy up here.


Climbing Mt. Taihe



Climbing Mt. Taihe

This wide track ends at the peak. On the peak of Mt. Taihe there is a shrine and an unobstructed 360 degree view, including a great view of the east coast.


Shrine on the peak of Mt. Taihe



View of the east coast from the peak

From the peak return back down to the last shrine and trail junction. From there just keep following the wide trail as it makes its long winding descent.


Making the long descent

The trail ends at a road and an old mud house. Cross the bridge over the stream and keep going straight walking on the road. The road climbs up from the bridge and over another small ridge.


House at the end of the trail, cross the bridge then walk on the road climbing up away from the stream

Turn off the road when you come to a shrine on the left hand side. Go down to the shrine and keep going straight. Go straight at a five way trail junction after the shrine. The junction is not signposted.


Turn off the road here and go down to the shrine, go straight at a trail junction after the shrine

From the junction the trail towards Waiao makes a rocky descent and soon joins a small stream. Then in a few minutes the trail passes a rest area.


Trail passing a rest area and going along a small stream

The trail continues along a ledge above the stream. Keep going straight when you come to a small stone bridge crossing the stream.


Going along a ledge next to the stream



Go straight at the small bridge

Next, the trail goes along rocks beside the stream, then crosses the stream.


Rocky trail along the stream



Stream crossing

Just after the crossing the trail passes a shrine with another tiny stream crossing in front of it.


Shrine and tiny stream crossing

Soon afterwards to trail reaches the hillside and the beach ahead comes into view.


Descending to the beach

Partway down turn left at a trail junction marked only by hiking flags.


Turn left here

The trail finishes the descent past some plots and ends right on the platform of Waiao Train Station.

Map of the Hike