Bitou and Longdong Cape Trails

Gongliao District, New Taipei City

Introduction: this is a spectacular hike that takes in a couple of rocky capes located between Fulong and Keelung.

There are three trail along Bitou Cape; the Cape, Lighthouse, and Coastal Trails. However, only the Cape Trail is actually open. The other trails are closed off but can easily be accessed by climbing over or going around locked gates. People have been killed on these trails and that is why they are now closed.

Access: take the train to Keelung, then take the bus that travels along the coastal highway to Fulong. Get off the bus at the fishing village of Bitou. All destinations here are signposted in English.

You can also get to Bitou from Ruifeng or Fulong by taking the tourist bus that runs between these two places.

Length: 6km

Difficulty Level: 1/5

Trail Conditions: stone trails, wooden steps, and rocks

The Hike:

From the bus stop take the road that goes into the village along the fishing harbor. The start of the trail is marked with a large sign in English near the temple. The trail climbs through the trees to the top of the cape and a viewpoint/rest area.


going through the village


climbing to the top of the cape

At the top, follow the trail over the cape and down the other side. There are a couple of more viewpoints along the top of the cape, and an abandoned military area on the way down.


Cape Trail


abandoned military area


descending the cape

This brings you to the Lighthouse Trail. There is a gate at the start of the trail and a no entry sign, but it is easy to just go around it.The trail leads to the lighthouse at the end. The trail goes along the cliffs above the sea and ends at a viewpoint behind the lighthouse.


fence blocking the Lighthouse Trail, just go around it


Lighthouse Trail




view of the cliffs from the lighthouse


Cape Trail

Head back to where you came from, continue a little further along the trail. Between the public restrooms and the elementary school you’ll pass a pavilion that is closed off. Climb over the railing and there is a locked gate and steps leading down to the coast from the pavilion. Climb over the other side and take the steps down. This is the Coastal Trail which goes over the rocks back to the highway. Follow the worn pathway along the rocks. You may have to get your feet wet.


Coastal Trail


Coastal Trail

Coastal Trail

Coastal Trail

When you reach the highway follow the sidewalk around the bay to the village on the other side. Walk through the village and you will come to another trail signposted in English at the end of the village. This trail climbs up to the Longdong Coastal Park.

At the top of the cape there is a small trail that branches off. This trail leads to an excellent viewpoint of the cliffs.


Longdong Cape

Go back then follow the trail around the cape and back to the highway once again.


rock climbers


Longdong Cape

Next to the highway you’ll see some wooden steps going down. Head down and walk the large white building up ahead. The building is a mostly empty retail complex. It seems there were grand plans for it that were never realized, but there is a café on the top floor towards the back where you can rest and have coffee before catching the bus back to Fulong or on to Keelung.

Map of the Hike


11 thoughts on “Bitou

  1. This was a great walk. Some of the most spectacular views I have ever seen. The part along the rocks is fenced off but easy to jump. Supposedly you are not supposed to visit the rocks due to “freak waves”. Let’s just say I walked quickly along here with one eye on the ocean.

  2. HELLO,
    I’m travelling alone and Im making my own itinerary and I added Bitou on my list, Can I ask 2 questions?

    1) May I know If it is possible to go/see the white lighthouse?
    2) How much will I spend to get there from Taipei?

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