Banchiao to Yingge

Everyone knows about Yingge, but do you know the best way to get there? By bike!

This is nice ride along the river, some of it through countryside, and there are far fewer other cyclists along here than on the bike trails towards Danshui or Xindian.

Length: 40km round-trip

Attractions: Yingge Pottery Museum and ceramics street

Access: this guide starts from the Banchiao side of the river. The trail can be done with a U-bike if you don’t have one of your own. You can cross the river from Taipei over the Huajiang Bridge to start the ride. There are now U-bike stands in Banchiao. You can get one from Jiangzucui MRT Station and bike to the river from there.

The Ride

From under the bridge ride north towards Danshui. The bike trail will quickly turn as it follows the river between Banchiao and Xinzhuang. Yingge is on the other side of the river so you need to cross over. Keep riding until you come to a pedestrian only bridge that crosses the river.

bike trail in Banchiao, cross the bridge ahead

bike trail in Banchiao, cross the bridge ahead

After you’ve crossed the bridge getting to Yingge is easy. Just keep going straight and follow the trail. The bike trail ends at a large park on the edge of town. Ride towards the large pottery sculpture at the far end of the park. Then ride on the highway over the small river and you’ll see the museum just up ahead. To reach the old street, turn right at the museum and then left just after you have passed under the tracks.

park near Yingge

park near Yingge


Yingge ceramics street

It is now possible to cycle along the bike trail all the way to Daxi. That would make for about a 65km round trip from the start.

Map of the Ride


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